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Cynthia Ropek, MA

About Me


As long as I can remember, I’ve been curious about relationships. Growing up in a larger than large family, I had a front row seat to experiencing and observing the complex kaleidoscope of human interactions. My desire to understand why people do what they do in relationships has led me on an amazing path of healing and growth. One of my greatest fulfillments is guiding others to relationship health. 

I am a wife, mom, and most recently, a grandma(!). These cherished relationships are integral to my learning, growth, thriving, and who I am as a therapist. In addition, my relationship training over the years has been deeply enhanced by a longtime study and practice of mindfulnes meditation. Showing up, moment to moment, with openness and kindness to whatever is happening is a practice that I endeavor to bring to my day to day life, my relationships, and my work.

I am inspired daily by my clients and the resiliency of the human spirit. Doing this work is a privilege and a joy. It is also a responsibility. To that end, I believe and participate in ongoing trainings and regular consultation to stay up-to-date in best clinical practices and cutting edge treatments, especially in the areas of human-attachment and trauma resolution.

Naropa University 

M.A., Transpersonal Counseling and Psychology


The University of Iowa

B.B.A, Management Information Systems

Anchor 1

PACT - Level 3: Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy

-  a mind/body therapy that integrates developmental     neuroscience,   attachment theory, and arousal regulation to help couples heal old injuries, and develop and maintain secure bonds. 


ATSIP - Level 2: Assessing and Treating Sexual Issues in Psychotherapy 


Brainspotting Level3/+ and EMDR Level 2 

- mind/body therapies that  assist in releasing traumatic memories and stressors stored deep in the brain and nervous system.


Internal Family Systems 

- a therapy that fosters self-compassion, confidence and connection by acknowledging and appreciating all of our "inner family". Especially beneficial with a strong inner critic.


ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) 

- a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy that inspires motivation based on living from your deepest values, even when life inevitably presents obstacles and losses.


EFCT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy)

 - an attachment focused couples therapy 

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